Land Mapping

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We undertake mapping suitable for Land Registry purposes for one-off sites and for larger plots of lands (farms and commercial sites) to facilitate property transfers.

We also prepare Declarations of Identity and Multi-Storey scheme maps.

For land mapping, we will prepare the necessary map and certification of the lands for those titles still under the registry of Deeds system. For farm mapping services, we use the most modern and up to date surveying devices to accurately survey a farm and provide you with a comprehensive farm map showing the right of way, all boundaries, roads, farm buildings, wayleaves, and it will also indicate various acreage measurements as required. For multi-storey developments, mainly apartment complexes, we will prepare the maps that follow the registration mapping procedures for registration of multi-storey developments as outlined under PRAI requirements. If you require our services, please fill in our contact us form on our website and we will be in touch to discuss your requirements. You can also give us a call or an email if you wish. If you have an Eircode, please include this on the form as it will make it easier for us to identify the land that is to be marked. Our fees for this service depends on what is required. Give us a call today.

Why Land Registry Mapping is Importan

Land registry mapping is a single detailed large-scale map which can be submitted to property registration authority for several searches and services. The land map will indicate the location of registered holdings and shows the accurate location of the property as described by the applicant. It is important for the applicant to give right and accurate information and documentation.