Boundary Disputes

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Boundary Disputes may occur if adjoining property owners cannot locate the true position of a boundary or where rights of ways have been obstructed or in the case if boundaries are damaged. The key to resolving a dispute speedily and successfully is to employ an expert as soon as possible.

A Chartered Building Surveyor can assist property owners in the identification of boundary lines and can offer advice on how best to proceed. If required, we also act as Expert Witness for the Courts.

Our experienced boundary surveyors can help you resolve any boundary dispute that you may have. There is an increase in property owners who experienced some form of boundary issues that may be related to a neighbour. One of our expert independent boundary surveyors will review the deeds for the right of way, title maps, and review all information that we gathered before reporting back to you. If required, we can act a mediator for both parties and go through all our findings of the report. Sometimes an argument can be made, and this will prevent any costly legal fees through the courts.